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Biking Mendocino County

Get on a bike and explore Mendocino County! From beach cruising to single track mountain biking, Mendocino County has lots of great bicycling opportunities. Here are 4 uniquely Mendocino places to ride with some tips. Scroll to the bottom of the page for more bicycling resources in Mendocino County.


View of Fort Bragg from the Fort Bragg Coastal Trail

Fort Bragg Coastal Trail

The Fort Bragg Coastline has approximately 7 miles of paved multi-use trails where you can ride a bike. There are multiple starting points - Noyo Headlands Park, Glass Beach, Pudding Creek Trestle, and Mackerricher State Park My favorite ride for exercise is to start at the Southern Entrance to Noyo Headlands Park and ride North on the trail to Ward Avenue and then return. This whole ride is free of motorized vehicles with the exception of a short jaunt in Mackerricher State Park by Lake Cleone. This is a great place to ride for families with kids, beach cruisers, gravel grinders, and mountain bikes.

Guide’s Tip - Plan your ride with the wind. Our predominant winds come from the north so I like to start at the southern end and ride into the wind so that the wind is at my back for the return trip.

Redwoods growing along Big River Haul Road.

Redwoods growing along Big River Haul Road.

Big River Haul Road

Pedal through the redwoods along Mendocino’s Big River. This is an easy ride on a multi-use trail that used to be a railroad bed then logging road. It is an out and back ride on relatively flat terrain that is great for families, beach cruisers, gravel grinders, and mountain bikes. Mountain bikers will often use the Big River Haul Road to access the single track trails of the Mendocino Woodlands.

Guide’s Tip - Be prepared for mosquitoes. Wear long sleeves and keep moving.

Singletrack mountain biking in Jackson State Forest. Photo by Roo Harris

Singletrack mountain biking in Jackson State Forest. Photo by Roo Harris


Jackson State Forest

Jackson State Forest encompasses 48,000 acres in Mendocino County. The logging roads and single track trails attract riders from all over the world who want to ride in the redwood forest. The challenge of riding in Jackson State Forest is that the trails are not well marked and there are often seasonal closures for logging. Trail Forks is a good resource for route planning and finding out about closures. The local bicycle club - Mendocino Coast Cyclists (MCC) is another good resource. MCC trail days are a great way to help us build and maintain our trails as well as to meet riders to ride with.

Guide’s Tip - Use a bell and watch downhill speed. Most of our single track trails are multi-use and are ridden in both directions.


Lake Mendocino

The trail system around Lake Mendocino traverses through oak woodlands and open meadows around the lake. The terrain and trails range from double track roads to flowing singletrack. Trails can be quite muddy during and after a wet winter and spring. The trails are multi-use so be aware of other users.

Guide’s Tip - Take poison oak precautions. Bring biodegradable soap for a quick wash up in the lake after riding to wash off the poison oak oils.

Bicycle Resources in Mendocino County

Bicycle Repair and Service -

Boonville Bike Works - call/email to make an appointment

Dave’s Bikes in Ukiah - full service shop with sales and rentals

Bike Shops for Rentals, Bicycles, and Gear -

Dave’s Bikes in Ukiah

Fort Bragg Cyclery

Catch a Canoe and Bicycles Too