Explore the Outdoors of Mendocino County


Mendocino County California

Explore ~ Play ~ Learn

From inland to the coast ~ Mendocino County is a vast playground

comprised of variety of ecosystems, waters, and developed attractions.

Welcome to the Mendocino Outdoor Guide

The Mendocino Outdoor Guide is a project that I am curating to share the outdoors of Mendocino County. 

My goal is to inspire you to get outside โ€“ Explore, Play, and Learn.

What is the Mendocino Outdoor Guide?

The Mendocino Outdoor Guide is a resource to help you discover the magic of the Mendocino Outdoors. 

Explore, Play, and Learn are the themes of the Mendocino Outdoor Guide.  Use this website to discover places to visit, plan things to do, and learn about nature and the outdoors of Mendocino County.  Follow the Mendocino Outdoor Guide on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for current photos, videos, and information.

Local and Non Commercial - The Mendocino Outdoor Guide is a labor of love created and curated by a local.  I live, work, and play in Mendocino County, and I love nature and the outdoors.  This guide is an avenue to share the natural world with you.  The Mendocino Outdoor Guide is not a commercial website, and there are no paid advertisements or listings.

Ecology and Safety - Mendocino Countyโ€™s greatest resource is its wilderness and waters. Everyone - visitors and locals are responsible for keeping Mendocino County Wild. Please tread lightly, leave no trace, and explore responsibly to enjoy and preserve the wilderness and waters of Mendocino County.

What to expect from the Mendocino Outdoor Guide?

Website โ€“ My goal is to develop an easy to navigate website for locals and visitors to discover the wonders of nature and the outdoors of Mendocino County.  Expect to find places to explore, things to do, information about tides and weather and resources to learn about what is growing and living out there (trees, plants, mushrooms, wildlife, birds). I plan to offer specific recommendations for families, adventure seekers, and places to go hiking, biking, kayaking, birding, tidepooling.

Blog โ€“ I am still developing my blog ideas.  It will include stories of whats happening in the outdoors, specific adventures and features about my favorite outdoor activities.

Instagram and Facebook โ€“ Follow Mendocino Outdoor Guide for current photos and videos.

Twitter โ€“ Check out tweets with news, weather, and happenings in Mendocino County.

Please, be patient โ€“ this is an ongoing dream (project).  I hope that you enjoy the content, discover interesting content, and are inspired to explore the outdoors in Mendocino County.

If you have suggestions or would like to contribute, please contact me.